John Hinckley - Redemption

There has been very few more polarizing figures in America during my lifetime than the author of our next release. While the controversial nature  is unavoidable, we are choosing to focus on a man who took responsibility for his actions, served his time, and fully embraced therapy  to improve his mental health for decades to atone, and become a better person. The following album is a collection of beautifully lo-fi folk recordings very remiscent of Daniel Johnston or Neutral Milk Hotel detailing the life of man and his struggle to improve himself, and ultimately choose love. We believe everyone deserves a shot a redemption if they're willing to work for it, and this record is John's. 

spring heeled jack- sound salvation lp

ct's kings of ska's 3rd album

Suicide Machines - On the EVe of destruction 2xlp

back in print on split colored vinyl!

The Hippos - Heads Are Gonna Roll


get your copy of this 3rd wave classic!

Roots & Basses

a Latin ska compilation

Back when we hosted Apple Stomp a few years ago, I met two kids who had traveled from DC to attend the event. While conversing, they expressed their disappointment about the stark segregation in the Latin ska scene they grew up in, as well as the general scene associated with my record label. It astonished them that none of their friends were interested in joining them at our festival, and they were disheartened by the lack of people exploring the multitude of incredible bands they had grown up listening to.

This encounter left a lasting impact on me. Later on, I came across similar posts from Esteban Flores Valenzuela (Catbite/Matamoska) echoing these sentiments. Inspired by this shared concern, Esteban and I devised a plan to initiate a series of compilations that would showcase the remarkable array of bands within the Latin ska scene. Our primary focus for the initial collection was to shed light on the thriving scenes in Los Angeles and Mexico. Esteban meticulously curated a diverse selection of ska styles, providing a splendid overview of the music we had been missing out on. We firmly believed that our country harbored two incredible scenes with amazing talents, and it was in everyone's best interest to foster a unified scene for the music we all cherished.

To enhance the experience, we enlisted CHema Skandal to create stunning artwork, and the manufacturing was entrusted to the passionate punks at Waxxy Poodle.

The Traveler


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The brand new full length from the artists formerly known as PAIN, Salvo returns with their beautiful, quirky, narrative power pop stylings delivering a conceptual album about a traveler and his journeys. Highly recommended if you love artists such as Weezer, They Might Be Giants, and of course PAIN.

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This is Not Croydon Fest 3 

The Third annual  This is Not Croydon Fest was an absolute blast! Thanks to Meredith & Jeremy all the wonderful folks at Broken Goblet Brewing / Jumpstart Records / Home Brewed Events for having us at their festival. It was so nice to enjoy a wonderful day with great bands, and all of you folks we haven't seen in forever. Extra special thanks to Aaron from PWRUP for helping out last minute at the booth, and our good friends Adam & Lauren from Say-10 Records for always being our festival flea market buddies. ( photo courtesy of @focusedonbeer)

New Website & tons of new releases! 

We're coming out of the pandemic haze with a slew of new releases and restocks on some of your old favorites you've been screaming at us to repress!  Depending on plant turn times we should have 10-20 titles out by the end of the year! stay tuned!!!!